12 thoughts on “Tyrannosaurus Rex

  1. Hi mate
    Nice work on t-Rex’s like how you set out your photos and the font of the writing
    From jimmy

  2. Hey Kane,
    Great book on T-Rex’s. My Star is your information on T-Rexs.
    My other Star is for your Introduction to your story.
    My wish is , if your making a video try to make it longer on each page.
    Job, From Jack.

  3. Hi Kane,
    I looked at your T Rex post and I liked your pictures and you had great information for the topic. But your slides went to fast and I had to pause to read one of the slides.

    From Jarrod

    • Hi Jarrod,

      Thanks for the feedback. I put it on to a video so you can pause it.

      From Kane

  4. Hi Kane,

    I liked how you presented your project about the T REX!
    Maybe you could do the height of T REX.

    From XAVIER

  5. To Kane
    My first star is that I liked you your presontation on the T. rex post my second star is the topic was really interesting. My wish is if the slides were a bit longer
    From Caleb

  6. Hi Kane,
    Your video is really good. Maybe next time you could talk in it but other wise well presented.
    From your pal Fintan

  7. Dear Kane

    I liked the way you presented your peace with pictures of it hunting and it’s skeleton.
    But I think you should of put a bit more detail in how they believe the mussels and over sestems work. I also think you should of used more descriptive language.

    From Nathan

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