The Lacrosse

This Thursday we did the cross in 5/6 sport and hear is a video off what the basic stuff you do in Lacrosse.

When you through the balloon put your preferred hand half way up the stick and non preferred hand at the bottom of the stick. The technique for catching is to put your preferred hand at the to of the stick and non preferred hand at the bottom.

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  1. Hi Kane`s Gnarly,

    I would like to play lacross it looks fun. I have a few question. The first one is do you play on a real team ? The second one is how many players are on a team and how many play at the same time ? The third one Do you play just in the summer or you play in the winter too ? Cool video

    • Sorry Kane’s Gnalry, I hit the wrong button and my post was sent unfinished.

      I wanted to finish with:

      Have a nice day.


  2. Dear Kane,
    I also know about lacrosse it is very fun.

    sometimes I would play that sport in the summer.

    I hope you enjoy your lacrosse games and I will definitely be playing it this summer.

    Louis Online

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