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Today I’m doing a skate board update. If you remember a couple of weeks ago I did a post about my skate board I was designing. So I manag to find a way to get all my sponsors on to my Mick Fanning surf board.

img_3381So how I did the ripcurl logo was I did it first in graled and if I didn’t like it I rubbed it out and did it again. With the Reef  , Red Bull , skull candy and DHD Logos I used trace paper and got the image off my iPad and then transferred it to my skate board and then panted it. It took a lot off proses to get them on and I still got more to go.


So yea see ya in the surf Yewww

2 thoughts on “Skate Boards

  1. To Kane
    Great post looks crazy it was a good update/information about our boards hope to see ya up in Yarra

  2. Yeah man
    Nice work on the post and the skate board, provides heaps of info about what you’ve done to your board. Maybe check your spelling a little.
    From James

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