Oaks Day

Yesterday we had oaks day we had to dress up like we’re going to the races. We had a cat work for the top 3 boys and girls from each class I was one of them from 6B. I some how one 6B’s boys cat work. You had a reader and he wrote something about you for when you worked down the cat work. This is what my reader said about me.

Here comes Mina first down the ile in his 8 million dollar industry top with he’s sleeves rolled he wears this every day he just came from queens land what a Australian no wonder he has girls left right and centre he’s got he’s racing paper here at the Kilmore trots look at that hair what a mullet. look at he’s old school vans let’s hope there’s no horse poo ladies and gentlemen let’s give it up for minna a true Australian.!!

I am the one in blue.

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