Health Goals

These are my health goals for the week.

Eat healthier

Use smileys mind for meditation

Do more boxing and running

Spent more time to my self

Don’t watch Tv 10 min before bed

I am going to wright it on a pice of paper to bring to school

Oaks Day

Yesterday we had oaks day we had to dress up like we’re going to the races. We had a cat work for the top 3 boys and girls from each class I was one of them from 6B. I some how one 6B’s boys cat work. You had a reader and he wrote something about you for when you worked down the cat work. This is what my reader said about me.

Here comes Mina first down the ile in his 8 million dollar industry top with he’s sleeves rolled he wears this every day he just came from queens land what a Australian no wonder he has girls left right and centre he’s got he’s racing paper here at the Kilmore trots look at that hair what a mullet. look at he’s old school vans let’s hope there’s no horse poo ladies and gentlemen let’s give it up for minna a true Australian.!!

I am the one in blue.

Mini Me

My head circumference has goren up by 1.85%. My chest circumference has goren up by 2.63%. My right arm length has goren up by 1.56%. My hight has goren up by 1.94%. My neck has gorenup by 16.67%. That’s the percentage of five parts of my body that have grown on my body from February to October.

Me In A Minute

My me in a minute goal is get more basketballs in the hoop. To inprove that I will get a basketball from the gym and practise. Next time my aim is to get at least 6.


I want to emprove my push ups so I will practice at home. Next time I want to get 20 push ups next time we do me in a minute.


next time my aim is to get 15 balls in the target. To improve in that I will practise at home with the bin.


This week we have been learning about chance. We used a spinner on illumination to get the chances of the colours.

Red was the Most popular to lend on because it had the most area of the circle.

Read Aloud

The book I have chose to read is we’re going on a Crop Hunt

I chose this book because it’s a funny book and it’s exciting.

My Maths Goal

My maths goal

Goal is to learn my 7’s

Base data is my maths book

The thing I will use to help me

App AB Maths

Peer testing

Time due 2 weeks



Solar Boats

On the 29th we competed in solar boats. We raced 6 heats and our boat only raced three because we had some issues watch the video to see what we had to do and some of our issues on the way.

So this what we have been doing for a wile in class. If you have any questions chuck us a comment.

Skate Boards

Today I’m doing a skate board update. If you remember a couple of weeks ago I did a post about my skate board I was designing. So I manag to find a way to get all my sponsors on to my Mick Fanning surf board.

img_3381So how I did the ripcurl logo was I did it first in graled and if I didn’t like it I rubbed it out and did it again. With the Reef  , Red Bull , skull candy and DHD Logos I used trace paper and got the image off my iPad and then transferred it to my skate board and then panted it. It took a lot off proses to get them on and I still got more to go.


So yea see ya in the surf Yewww

The Lacrosse

This Thursday we did the cross in 5/6 sport and hear is a video off what the basic stuff you do in Lacrosse.

When you through the balloon put your preferred hand half way up the stick and non preferred hand at the bottom of the stick. The technique for catching is to put your preferred hand at the to of the stick and non preferred hand at the bottom.


This week in PE we have been playing cricket. Miss P taught us how to play continuous cricket.  The the trick was you were only allowed to make ten runs as the bowler could only get you out by throwing it and hitting the weickets. I didn’t think that part was so great but I still gave it a crack and mad 10 runs.

Practice orienteering

Yesterday, James, Ed and I, completed a practice Orienteering session to prepare for Wednesday’ s Interschool Competition at Tony Clarke Oval in Macedon.   We decided to do map 4 that had all 24 control markers around the school. Ed and I ran wile James did the map. We some how got a time of only 11 minutes the fastest time in the grade so we all got a lolly at the end of the day.

Skate Board Design

In Art this week we have been doing skate board designs and I decided to do a Mick Fanning inspired surfboard. If you don’t know who he is he is a Australian World champion Surfer.

So I am going to do all his sponsors and his DHD board brand.

imageSo Next, I have to decide how I am going to get the design on to my skate board.

So yea see you at the surf Yewww

Science Fair

Well well well come and see the Magnus effect work in action. We have had the most packed week ever because of the science far. Science far was good because you got to do a science topic that you are interested in so I did Magnus effect. At the far I got a lot off questions and people come up and asking me what it is. And my demonstration was alright.

Book Week On Doors

Book week is a good way to see the class’s favourite books and my favourite one was bully on the bus. Because they have pout all lot of efert and some creativity in it and coverd the hole door. It’s good that they have put effert to copy the book cover exactly.



John Red Kelly Biography

John ( Red ) Kelly is a dad to 12 and his sun is Ned Kelly the famous bushranger. He was sentenced to 7 years transportation to Australia for stealing to pigs. He married 18 year old Allen Quinn and in February 1851 they had there first child named Mary Jane.

Red was baptised on 20th February 1820 in Moyglass church in the Parish of Killenaule in the country of Tipperary Ireland. Mary Cody and Thomas Kelly mum and dad of Red lived in the townland of Clonbrogan which is about 1 mile west of Moyglass village.

When Ellen was pregnant with their second child. In 1853 they had a financial situation that made them poor so Red had to go to the goldfields. Red had to go 70 miles to Bendigo diggings. Just so he can get some money for his family.

Red built a former house in 1860 for his family. It was originally a three room cottage. It now has eleven rooms because in the second half of the nineteenth century it has had additions. There’s 2 trees one on the eastern and one on the western boundaries of the property.

One day Red walked past a paddock that had tow pigs. He said I could do with some pork on my fork and some for my family of course.

So he threw them on his shoulder back home he went. Later he got arrested and got 7 years transportation to Australia

He would never have known how bad a convicts ship was. When he got down to his room it would’ve STANK!!! His bed was only a hamick and he was strapped to a big and heavy bit of metal with a chain. When they headed off , the waves were huge. Every now and again they could hear bang bang bang as the big waves hit the front of the ship.

7 years later he was given freedom from being a convict and started to live life in Australia. He married 18 year old Ellen Quinn and bought a 40 acre farm in Beveridge.

If you didn’t know who John Red Kelly was or didn’t know much about him now you know heap about who he was and what he did. Remember if it wasn’t for him Ned Kelly wouldn’t of been born.

5/6 Sport Cancelled

Why Just Why! Why does 5/6 sport have to be canceled it ruined my  Thursday. Instead we had to do some research about our body and the health about our body’s and mind. I learnt that Low G I sugar is good for you when you play sport because you get energy  to play at your best or you will play not at your best.  Click Below to see both of the site I got the information on.


Inter School Footy

For footy we had to go to try outs so Mr G knows that we want to be in the footy team. At try outs we had to trained so Mr G could find out what where like at footy. But Unfortunately some people mist out.On Wednesday our school had inter school footy and netball. Our first game was against Holly Cross we just bet them by only 1 point. Then we played Macedon and won be 2 goals. Then it was the grand final it was very hard and we unfortunately we lost. I was shattered that we lost.  At try outs we had to trained so Mr G could find out what where like at footy.


Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is that you have to persuade the person to be on your side and to think your right.

In persuasive writing, it is important to have a good sizzling and introduction so the reader keeps reading.

Here is an example of some persuasive writing image

Notice how I have a lot of reasons that Lego is better than IPads

Terrific Chess

For 2 weeks we have been playing chess. I have learnt a lot of strategies but my favourite strategy is the wall. That is where you keep a wall so they can't get though.

For 2 weeks we have been playing chess. I have learnt a lot of strategies but my favourite strategy is the wall. That is where you keep a wall so they can’t get though.


A Big And boiling Day Out


On Monday we had our whole school concert.

CP Australia

I went and had a look at Cerebral Palsy Australiawebsite.

Hi have been reading Brent’s story if he told me his life story it would probably be. Dream big and never think you can’t do it.

You can see on the picture below were I got the life message.


My Amazing earth Mind Map

Wow! Look at my  amazing  mind map.

Well  if you’re making a mind map this is what you need to do. Make your branches go thik at the bottom and thin at the top, then put your key words or phrases coming  of a branch,  colour in your branches when your done. But all ways  put your writing horizontally.

Click on the image blow to see what I have learnt in the last tow weeks.


Symbols Of Gallipoli


The Gallipoli oak  and the red poppy were both symbols of Gallipoli. They both were found on the battlefields.  The red poppy also symbolises soldiers bloodshed and bravery through out the war.imageimage