John Red Kelly Biography

John ( Red ) Kelly is a dad to 12 and his sun is Ned Kelly the famous bushranger. He was sentenced to 7 years transportation to Australia for stealing to pigs. He married 18 year old Allen Quinn and in February 1851 they had there first child named Mary Jane.

Red was baptised on 20th February 1820 in Moyglass church in the Parish of Killenaule in the country of Tipperary Ireland. Mary Cody and Thomas Kelly mum and dad of Red lived in the townland of Clonbrogan which is about 1 mile west of Moyglass village.

When Ellen was pregnant with their second child. In 1853 they had a financial situation that made them poor so Red had to go to the goldfields. Red had to go 70 miles to Bendigo diggings. Just so he can get some money for his family.

Red built a former house in 1860 for his family. It was originally a three room cottage. It now has eleven rooms because in the second half of the nineteenth century it has had additions. There’s 2 trees one on the eastern and one on the western boundaries of the property.

One day Red walked past a paddock that had tow pigs. He said I could do with some pork on my fork and some for my family of course.

So he threw them on his shoulder back home he went. Later he got arrested and got 7 years transportation to Australia

He would never have known how bad a convicts ship was. When he got down to his room it would’ve STANK!!! His bed was only a hamick and he was strapped to a big and heavy bit of metal with a chain. When they headed off , the waves were huge. Every now and again they could hear bang bang bang as the big waves hit the front of the ship.

7 years later he was given freedom from being a convict and started to live life in Australia. He married 18 year old Ellen Quinn and bought a 40 acre farm in Beveridge.

If you didn’t know who John Red Kelly was or didn’t know much about him now you know heap about who he was and what he did. Remember if it wasn’t for him Ned Kelly wouldn’t of been born.