Term 3 Goals

imageOrganisations is one of the YCDI habits. Setting goals is one of the keys to being organised.There is a long term goal and a short term goal a long term goal goes for the hole term. Short term goals is like riding a bike from the bottom to the top of a hill.

Keep up to date with my work
– Write in my diary each day
– Keep my tub tidy so I don’t loos enything
– Use my class time wisely
– I will finish my work at home if I don’t finish it at school.

English goal
To communicate powerfully
– practice my Oxford words and be able to spall most of them
– get feedback from Mr Rogers
– reey read what I have written
– I will use the 5 senses and adjectives

Maths goal
I will learn my 3’s and 5’s times tables.
– practice tow times a week on Times Table Me
– I will learn my 3’s and 5’s times
– I will learn my 3’s and 5’s division

Term 2 2015 Learning Goal

Today we talked about setting a long term learning goal. My learning goal this semester will be about English, Mathematics and my learning behaviour.

My You Can Do It ! (YCDI!) goal is to improve my ability to be organised. I will do this by: tidying my tube often and put my stuf in the right document wallet, remembering to bring my iPad to school, keep my diary up to date and make my blog show all my learning.

In English I will be focusing on my reading. To do this I will get a clear picture in my head and collect evidence for my reading goal.

My effort in Maths will focus on my Times Tables. I want to be able to get my tens and two time tables all right in at least 2 minutes. I will practise on TT me and practise with Mum or Dad.


Thank you http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/19detricke/2014/06/09/finale-math-reflection-2014/ for the Image



Thank you http://learningfundamentals.com.au/blog/get-organised-creating-workspaces-that-work/ for the image


Farmer Duck learning Goal

I’m in year four. My teacher just read me a picher story book.We read farmer duck to find the intrsting messagers in the story.

The story farmer duck is about a little duck that duss all the jobs on the  farm for the lazy farmer.but one day all the animals made a plan to  kick the farmer out of the farm and there plan worked so all the animals helped duck bring the farm back together.

Im going to try and use a message from the story as my writing goal.My gaol is to be prepared to do hard work.

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